Maps SDK for iOS v3.10.0 Beta

The Maps SDK for iOS v3.10.0 Beta introduces the following new features for you to try:

  • Cloud-Based Map Styling/Maps customization
  • Polyline customization: stamped polylines

Cloud-Based Map Styling/Maps customization (beta)

You can now create custom styles, and use tokens to assign them to maps in your apps and websites. For more information, see the see the iOS Maps Customization Overview.

Polyline customization: stamped polylines

You can set the appearance of a polyline to a repeating bitmap texture by using GMSTextureStyle. The images cover the line completely, but will be cut off around end points and vertices.

To create a stamped polyline, create a GMSStampStyle of GMSTextureStyle. Then set this property on the shape's options object by using stampStyle, as shown here:


let path = GMSMutablePath()
path.addLatitude(-37.81319, longitude: 144.96298)
path.addLatitude(-31.95285, longitude: 115.85734)
let polyline = GMSPolyline(path: path)
let redWithStamp = GMSStrokeStyle.solidColor(.red)

let image = UIImage(named: "imageFromBundleOrAsset")! // Image could be from anywhere
redWithStamp.stampStyle = GMSTextureStyle(image: image)

let span = GMSStyleSpan(style: redWithStamp)
polyline.spans = [span] = mapView


GMSMutablePath *path = [GMSMutablePath path];
[path addLatitude:-37.81319 longitude:144.96298];
[path addLatitude:-31.95285 longitude:115.85734];
GMSPolyline *polyline = [GMSPolyline polylineWithPath:path];
GMSStrokeStyle *redWithStamp = [GMSStrokeStyle solidColor:[UIColor redColor]];

UIImage *image = [UIImage imageNamed:@"imageFromBundleOrAsset"]; // Image could be from anywhere
redWithStamp.stampStyle = [GMSTextureStyle textureStyleWithImage:image];

GMSStyleSpan *span = [GMSStyleSpan spanWithStyle:redWithStamp];
polyline.spans = @[span]; = mapView;