GData API Directory

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Warning: Several of the APIs listed on this page are deprecated or obsolete, and some have been replaced with Google APIs that do not use the Google Data Protocol.

The following Google services provide APIs that implement, or used to implement, the Google Data (GData) Protocol.

API GData Status See Also
Google Analytics Data Export API Replaced by Google Analytics Core Reporting API (starting at version 2.4). Migration Guide: Moving from v2.3 APIs to v2.4 & v3.0
G Suite Provisioning API Shut down. Replaced by the Admin SDK Directory API. Current G Suite APIs
Google Base Data API Not available since June 1, 2011. Replaced by the Content API for Shopping. New Shopping APIs and Deprecation of the Base API
Blogger Data API Replaced by the latest Blogger API.
Google Book Search API Shut down. Replaced by Google Books API Family. Google books API searching by ISBN (on Stack Overflow)
Google Calendar API v2 Shut down. Replaced by latest Google Calendar API.
Google Code Search Data API Shut down in Jan 15, 2012. No replacement API. A fall sweep (Google blog post)
Google Contacts API Contacts API is deprecated and is schedule to be shut down on June 15, 2021. Replaced by Google People API. Google Contacts API
Google People API
Google Documents List Data API Shut down. Replaced by Google Drive API.
Google Finance Portfolio Data API Shut down. No replacement API. Spring cleaning for some of our APIs (Google blog post)
Google Health Data API The product was discontinued as of January 1, 2013. No replacement API. An update on Google Health and Google PowerMeter
Google Maps Data API Deprecated. Replaced by Google Maps API Web Services.
Picasa Web Albums Data API Shut down. Replaced by the Google Photos Library API.
Google Project Hosting Issue Tracker API Shut down on June 14, 2013. No replacement API. Winter cleaning (Google blog post)
Google Sidewiki Data API Product discontinued. No replacement API. A fall spring-clean (Google blog post)
Google Sites Data API GData version is still live. No replacement API. What is the Google Sites API?
Google Spreadsheets Data API Deprecated. Replaced by the Google Sheets API v4. Google Sheets API V3 Migration Guide
Google Translator Toolkit Data API Product discontinued. No replacement API.
Google Search Console Data API Deprecated. Replaced by the latest Search Console API. Quickstart: Run a Search Console App in Java
YouTube Data API Deprecated in March 4, 2014, but continues to work as per deprecation policy. Replaced by YouTube Data API (v3). YouTube Data API Migration Guide