Datasets tagged biodiversity in Earth Engine

  • Global Map of Oil Palm Plantations

    The dataset is a 10m global industrial and smallholder oil palm map for 2019. It covers areas where oil palm plantations were detected. The classified images are the output of a convolutional neural network based on Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 half-year composites. See article for additional …
    biodiversity conservation crop global landuse
  • RESOLVE Ecoregions 2017

    The RESOLVE Ecoregions dataset, updated in 2017, offers a depiction of the 846 terrestrial ecoregions that represent our living planet. View the stylized map at or in Earth Engine. Ecoregions, in the simplest definition, are ecosystems of regional extent. Specifically, ecoregions represent distinct assemblages …
    biodiversity conservation ecoregions global