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The GAP/LANDFIRE National Terrestrial Ecosystems data represents a detailed vegetation and land cover classification for the Conterminous U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.GAP/LF 2011 Ecosystems for the Conterminous U.S. is an update of the National Gap Analysis Program Land Cover Data - Version 2.2. Alaska ecosystems have been updated by LANDFIRE to 2012 conditions (LANDFIRE 2012). Hawaii and Puerto Rico data represent the 2001 time-frame (Gon et al. 2006, Gould et al. 2008). The classification scheme used for the Alaska and the lower 48 states is based on NatureServe's Ecological System Classification (Comer et al. 2003), while Puerto Rico and Hawaii's map legend are based on island specific classification systems (Gon et al. 2006, Gould et al. 2008).


30 meters


Name Min Max Description
landcover 1 9

Landcover class descriptions

landcover Class Table

Value Color Description
1 #7c009c Mixed Native-Alien Forest
2 #c14f00 Mixed Native-Alien Shrubs and Grasses
3 #c1e09e Native Coastal Vegetation
4 #ef0047 Deschampsia Grassland
5 #d67900 Aalii Shrubland
6 #00e3eb Bog Vegetation
7 #ccbf70 Native Dry Cliff Vegetation
8 #7c7047 Native Shrubland / Sparse Ohia (native shrubs)
9 #617000 Native Wet Cliff Vegetation
10 #66e805 Open Mao Shrubland
11 #bf6b00 Uluhe Shrubland
12 #9bcc9b Closed Hala Forest
13 #008f99 Closed Koa-Ohia Forest
14 #009c61 Closed Ohia Forest
15 #2bcf56 Closed Pouteria Forest (native trees)
16 #3ff2bf Koa Forest
17 #9b9b4c Mamane / Naio / Native Trees
18 #8ebc00 Native Mesic to Dry Forest and Shrubland
19 #33c7a6 Native Wet Forest and Shrubland
20 #7fbf00 Ohia Forest
21 #007f7f Olopua-Lama Forest
22 #b3ed7f Open Koa-Mamane Forest
23 #21ab33 Open Koa-Ohia Forest
24 #000000 Open Ohia Forest
25 #002dc2 Open Water
26 #afe200 Wetland Vegetation
27 #fefec1 Agriculture
28 #eb3642 High Intensity Developed
29 #c94d42 Low Intensity Developed
30 #ccb8bf Alien Grassland
31 #9f298c Alien Shrubland
32 #75009c Alien Forest
33 #460075 Kiawe Forest and Shrubland
34 #001493 Uncharacterized Forest
35 #ededed Uncharacterized Open-Sparse Vegetation
36 #d99485 Uncharacterized Shrubland
37 #6b6b6b Very Sparse Vegetation to Unvegetated

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Most U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) information resides in the public domain and may be used without restriction. Additional information on Acknowledging or Crediting USGS as Information Source is available.


  • Gon, S.M., A. Allison, R. J. Cannarella, J. D. Jacobi, K. Y. Kaneshiro, M. H. Kido, M. Lane-Kamehele, S. E. Miller. 2006. The Hawaii Gap Analysis Project Final Report. 487 pp.

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