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crop eu jrc lucas sentinel1-derived


European crop type map based on Sentinel-1 and LUCAS Copernicus in-situ observations for 2018.

Capitalizing on the unique LUCAS 2018 Copernicus in-situ survey, this dataset is the first continental crop type map with 10m pixel size for the EU based on S1A and S1B Synthetic Aperture Radar observations for the year 2018.


10 meters


Name Description

Main crop-specific land cover classification.

classification Class Table

Value Color Description
211 a57000 Common wheat
212 896054 Durum wheat
213 e2007c Barley
214 aa007c Rye
215 a05989 Oats
216 ffd300 Maize
217 00a8e2 Rice
218 d69ebc Triticale
219 d69ebc Other cereals
221 dda50a Potatoes
222 a800e2 Sugar beet
223 00af49 Other root crops
230 00af49 Other non-permanent industrial crops
231 ffff00 Sunflower
232 d1ff00 Rapeseed and turnip rapeseed
233 267000 Soya
240 f2a377 Dry pulses
250 e8bfff Fodder crops (cereals and leguminous)
290 696969 Bare arable land
300 93cc93 Woodland and Shrubland (incl. permanent crops)
500 e8ffbf Grasslands

Image Properties

Image Properties

Name Type Description
classification_class_names STRING_LIST

Array of cropland classification names.

classification_class_palette STRING_LIST

Array of hex code color strings used for the classification palette.

classification_class_values INT_LIST

Value of the cropland classification.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use



  • d'Andrimont, R., Verhegghen, A., Lemoine, G., Kempeneers, P., Meroni, M., & Van der Velde, M. (2021). From parcel to continental scale-A first European crop type map based on Sentinel-1 and LUCAS Copernicus in-situ observations. Remote sensing of environment, 266, 112708.

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Map.addLayer(image, {}, 'EUCROPMAP 2018');
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