User access governs the operations individuals can do within the Display & Video 360 product. Users are identified by the Google account used during authentication. The extent of a user's access is determined by their assigned user roles, which are linked to Display & Video 360 Partner or Advertiser resources.

This guide describes how to find and create users, as well as assign them user roles through the Display & Video 360 API.


Before you start working with Display & Video 360 API User services, you'll need to complete the following steps. Contact an existing Admin user on your team to have the necessary Display & Video 360 user roles enabled, if necessary:

  1. Create and authorize an API project as outlined in our Get Started guide.

  2. Ensure that you're following the service account flow for authorization. Only service accounts can access the Display & Video 360 API users service. An OAuth scope specific to the users service must also be used in the authentication process.

  3. Ensure that the service account is a Display & Video 360 user, and has the requisite user roles for the necessary resources. Only the Admin role allows you to make changes to a user and their assigned user roles. Any other standard role only gives you read access to user resources.

Understand user roles

Assigned user roles determine the level of access users have to different Display & Video 360 ad-serving resources. Important things to know about user roles include:

  • A user role can be given for two different resource types: Advertiser and Partner.

  • Some user roles can only be assigned for a specific resource type.

  • A user role assigned for a partner automatically grants that level of access to all advertisers under that partner.

User roles also control which other users you have access to, and whether you can create users and or modify others' assigned roles. As a user, you can only see users who share access to the same resource. For example, if you have standard access to a partner resource, all users who have access to that partner or any of the advertisers under it will be included in a users.list method response.