Audience Types

This page describes the available audience types and specifies how they can be retrieved using the Display & Video 360 API.

Google Audiences

Google Audiences are lists of users with an identified affinity, life event, or recent purchase intent. Audiences are created and maintained by Google. You can retrieve available GoogleAudience resources using the googleAudiences.list method.

First- and third-party audiences

Audiences created using first or third-party data are represented in the Display & Video 360 API as FirstAndThirdPartyAudience resources. This resource encompasses a number of individual audience types, including Customer Match, tag-based, activity-based, and licensed audiences, in the resource's audienceType field.

You can retrieve first and third-party audiences using the firstAndThirdPartyAudiences.list method. Different lists of audiences may be returned depending on whether the request uses the ID of an advertiser or its parent partner in the required accessor union parameter.

You can create and update Customer Match audiences generated using customer contact information or mobile device IDs through the Display & Video 360 API. See the Upload Customer Match Audience page later in this guide for more information. You can also create Customer Match audiences, along with other types first-party audiences, through the Display & Video 360 UI.

Custom lists

Custom lists allow Display & Video 360 customers to target users who have indicated specific interests or are looking for specific items. You can create custom lists through the Display & Video 360 UI. You can retrieve available CustomList resources through the Display & Video 360 API using the customLists.list method.

Combined audiences

Combined audiences are user-configured audiences created by the union and intersection of existing Google, first-party, and third-party audiences. You can create them through the Display & Video 360 UI. You can retrieve available CombinedAudience resources using the combinedAudiences.list method.