Retrieve YouTube & Partners Line Items

You can retrieve YouTube & Partners line items, their ad groups and ad resources, and targeting relevant to YouTube & Partners ad serving using Display & Video 360 API. YouTube & Partners resources and targeting can only be created or updated through the UI.

This page describes how to use the Display & Video 360 API to identify YouTube & Partners resources and retrieve relevant targeting, and how to create and update YouTube & Partners resources in bulk using Structured Data Files (SDF) in the UI.

Identify YouTube & Partners resources

YouTube & Partners resources consist of certain types of line items, Ad Groups, and Ads.

Line Items

Line items of the following LineItemType values are YouTube & Partners line items and cannot be created or updated:


Settings specific to YouTube & Partners line items can be retrieved from the youtubeAndPartnersSettings field of the LineItem resource.

YouTube Ad Groups and Ads

YouTube Ad Groups and Ads are child resources under YouTube & Partner line items that allow for further specification.

A YouTube & Partners line item can have multiple AdGroup resources under it, each with its own additional targeting and bidding strategy. Under each AdGroup resource can be multiple AdGroupAd resources of the same ad format, each with its own creative information and list of additional tracking URLs.

Retrieve targeting

Targeting used for serving YouTube & Partners ads is assigned at the advertiser level, line item level, and Ad Group level.

YouTube & Partners targeting inherited from parent resources are not reflected in the targeting settings of child resources, as is standard for non-YouTube & Partners resources.

In order to retrieve all targeting relevant to the serving of a YouTube & Partners ad, you must:

Attempting to modify YouTube targeting

As is the case with YouTube & Partners resources, you cannot modify YouTube & Partners targeting using the Display & Video 360 API. Any attempt to modify the following targeting will return an error:

Create and update using SDF UI upload

Although you cannot create or update YouTube & Partners resources using the Display & Video 360 API, you can create or update YouTube & Partners line items, ad groups, and ads in bulk using Structured Data File (SDF) upload through the Display & Video 360 UI.

These resources are represented in SDF through the Line Item, Youtube Ad Group, and YouTube Ad file formats.

You can generate and download Structured Data Files using Display & Video 360 API. Edit existing rows to make changes to existing resources or add new rows for create new resources, and upload the updated files through the Display & Video 360 UI.