Choosing a provider

Assistant can respond to some types of requests by connecting you with responses provided by other creators and businesses, as well as responses from Google. For example, you can ask for a game from your favorite creator, "Hey Google, play [name of game]," and Assistant starts that game. You can also make a general request, “Hey Google, play a game,” which could be fulfilled by a number of different providers that have told Assistant they offer games. In situations where more than one provider can fulfill the request, Assistant selects a provider by applying the following rules in this order:

  1. If you’ve chosen a provider, Assistant selects that provider. For example, you may have picked a preferred music provider through Assistant settings or setup flows, or your request may explicitly name a provider.

  2. If you haven’t chosen a provider, Assistant ranks the available options, using the following main factors:

    1. Information about your preferences

      • Depending on your Google Account settings, this data can include which providers you use most often or most recently, which apps are installed or open on your phone or other device, which providers you have linked to your Google Account, and other information about your activity on Google services.

      • To learn more about how your data makes Assistant and other Google services work better for you, and the choices you have to manage your privacy, see Your data in the Assistant.

    2. Information about the provider

      • The quality of user experience from a provider, based on things like overall popularity, average user rating, how often the provider successfully responds to user queries, and if you have a subscription with that provider.

      • How well the provider responds to the details of your request, such as in-stock products, special menu items, or specific flight times.

      • Eligible responses may be limited due to legal regulations that govern sensitive information or audiences. For example, all providers that participate in the Actions for Families program must ensure that their Actions comply with applicable laws like COPPA.

      • In limited circumstances, some providers may be ranked higher due to their partnership with Google in order to give high-quality results to users.

  3. If no provider clearly ranks highest, Assistant may ask you to choose a provider so that it can respond to your request.