Alert Center can be configured to send notification upon updates. To configure Alert Center to send notifications you need to configure your settings with the desired notification settings.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub notification

Alert Center can publish notifications to a Google Pub/Sub topic. After creating a topic and granting publish permission to it use the Alert Center update settings API to set that topic as a notification destination. Once configured, Alert Center will publish a message to that topic for each update (e.g. when a new alert arrives).

Pub/Sub message attributes

Common attributes

  • alertcenter_resource_type - The type of the resource. Currently supported value is "ALERT".
  • alertcenter_resource_status - The status of the resource. Currently supported value is "CREATED", "DELETED", "UNDELETED", "MODIFIED".
  • alertcenter_payload_format - The format of the payload (per notification settings). Currently supported value is "JSON".

Alert attributes

  • alertcenter_start_time - The time the event that caused this alert was started or detected.
  • alertcenter_end_time - The time the event that caused this alert ceased being active.
  • alertcenter_type - The type of the alert. For a list of available alert types see Google Workspace Alert types.
  • alertcenter_source - A unique identifier for the system that reported the alert.
  • alertcenter_create_time - The time this alert was created.
  • alertcenter_update_time - The last time this alert was updated.

The message payload

The payload of the message depends on alertcenter_resource_type. When resource type is "ALERT" the payload will be one of the Alert Center alert types. The format of the payload depends on alertcenter_payload_format. When the format is "JSON" the payload would be base64-encoded JSON.