Google Workspace Alert types

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Alert sources and types

Listed in the table below are the possible values for the source field, corresponding alert type names for type field and data types for the data field.

Learn more about these alert types from our support documentation.

Alert source Alert type Alert data
Domain wide takeout Customer takeout initiated DomainWideTakeoutInitiated
Gmail phishing Malware reclassification MailPhishing
Misconfigured whitelist BadWhitelist
Phishing reclassification MailPhishing
Suspicious message reported MailPhishing
User reported phishing MailPhishing

Customers who were part of Alert Center EAP may see the following deprecated type in their old alerts: PhishingSpike

User reported spam spike MailPhishing
Google identity Leaked password AccountWarning
Suspicious login AccountWarning
Suspicious login (less secure app) AccountWarning
Suspicious programmatic login AccountWarning
User suspended AccountWarning
User suspended (spam) AccountWarning
User suspended (spam through relay) AccountWarning
User suspended (suspicious activity) AccountWarning
Google Operations Google Operations GoogleOperations
Google Voice Configuration problem VoiceMisconfiguration
State Sponsored Attack Government attack warning StateSponsoredAttack
Mobile device management Device compromised DeviceCompromised
Suspicious activity SuspiciousActivity
AppMaker Editor AppMaker Default Cloud SQL setup AppMakerSqlSetupNotification
Security Center rules Activity Rule ActivityRule
Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention DlpRuleViolation
Apps outage Apps outage AppsOutage
Sensitive Admin Action Primary admin changed SensitiveAdminAction
SSO profile added SensitiveAdminAction
SSO profile updated SensitiveAdminAction
SSO profile deleted SensitiveAdminAction
Super admin password reset SensitiveAdminAction
Google Mandatory Service Announcement Google Mandatory Service Announcement - Billing MandatoryServiceAnnouncement
Google Mandatory Service Announcement - Legal MandatoryServiceAnnouncement
Google Mandatory Service Announcement - Product MandatoryServiceAnnouncement
Google Mandatory Service Announcement - Security MandatoryServiceAnnouncement