Directory API: Prerequisites

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This API is intended for developers who are writing client applications that manage devices, groups, group aliases, group members, organizational units, users, and user aliases. As a prerequisite to using the API, the documentation assumes you have completed the setup steps listed below.

API setup Description
Set up the basics
  • Sign up for a Google account, and create an administrator. The API supports Google Workspace, Education, and Government editions.
  • If you are a Google reseller, complete the enrollment process for the Google Workspace reseller program.
  • Become familiar with your Admin console found at For more information about the Admin console, see Use your Admin console.
  • Use your Admin console to order your Google licenses.
Set up your API
  • Enable the API access from the Admin console in order to make requests to the Directory API.

    To enable the API, log in to your admin account and select Security. If you do not see Security listed, select More controls and then Security from the options shown in the gray box. Select API reference, and then select the checkbox to Enable API access. Save your changes.

  • Set up a new project in the Google APIs Console and activate Admin SDK service for this project. See the Google APIs Console Help in the upper right corner of the Console page for more information about creating your API project.
Set up your Chrome devices If working with Chrome devices, complete these steps before using the API:
  • Set up the Chrome service. See the Chrome help center for information.
  • Enable the ChromeOS service for your account. For more information, see the administration help center.
  • Each Chrome device needs to be set up. If the Chrome device was purchased directly from Google or if you have purchased ChromeOS management access functionality separately, you can set up additional device and user policies. If you have questions, start with troubleshooting.
Set up your Mobile Devices If working with mobile devices, complete these steps before using the API:
  • Enable the API for mobile devices with Google Workspace, Education, and Government editions.
  • Set up Mobile Management.
  • Install the device policy app for Android devices.
  • If you wish to enable query search by application for Android devices, enable application auditing.