Launch readiness checklist

In order to launch, you must be approved by Google. Google evaluates your readiness based on the following criteria:

  • Inventory ingestion: Each of the Restaurant, Service, and Menu entities are >95% successfully ingested in production data feeds.
  • Inventory volume: Production feeds have to include a minimum of 5 restaurants or 10% of your target inventory, whichever is greater. I.e. for an inventory of 20 restaurants - the minimum to launch with is 5; and for an inventory of 2,500 restaurants - the minimum to launch with is 250.
  • Automated integration test: Each of the applicable test conditions are >95% passed. The automated test must use the production data feeds that you want to launch and your production fulfillment endpoint.
  • User Acceptance Test (UAT): You must confirm that you have successfully completed your own UAT and resolved any issues discovered in the process.
  • UAT order volume: At least 5 orders should be successfully tested as part of UAT.
  • Fulfillment quality: The Checkout requests, Submit Order requests, and Order Fulfillment rates must be more than 95% successful.
  • Ordering experience: There must be no critical issues that affect the ordering experience.
  • Fulfillment experience: There must be no critical issues that affect actual order fulfillments.
  • Escalation contacts: You have registered your team's contact details on the Actions Center as instructed in the initial account setup guide.
  • Real-time updates: Real-time updates must be implemented for restaurant closing, hours changed, and item out of stock. All real-time update requests must be ingested in production with 95% success rate.
  • Regulatory Requirements: All Regulatory Requirements steps must be completed as instructed in the regulatory requirements documentation

When you have met all of the launch readiness criteria, contact your Google consultant.