Local Services Ads Redirect Integration Policies

The following integration policies apply to the Local Services Ads Redirect integration.

Local Services Ads Redirect platform policies

To read the platform policies for the Local Services Ads Redirect integration, see Local Services platform policies.

Place Action policies

In order to ensure a consistent user experience when interacting with Place Action links, all Place Action platform providers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Place Action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the merchant. The links must not lead to the platform provider’s homepage or any other pages. For in-person actions for businesses with multiple locations, place action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the specific location from Google (unless otherwise exempt due to vertical-specific policies).

  2. Place Action links must allow the user to complete the designated action. For example, an ‘ordering’ link must allow the user to complete an order without placing a phone call or going to another site or app.

  3. Partners must abide by the Actions Center's Support & maintenance guidelines.

Merchant Eligibility

The following categories are currently enabled for the Actions Center Business Link and Redirect integrations:

  • Restaurants
  • Business offering online services
  • Retail merchants

Adherence to this policy will be proactively monitored on a regular basis. Violation of the policy can result in perpetual removal of all Place Action links provided by the platform provider.