Local Services Ads End-to-End Integration Policies

The following integration policies apply to the Local Services Ads End-to-End integration.

Local Services Ads End-to-End platform policies

To read the platform policies for the Local Services Ads End-to-End integration, see Local Services platform policies.

End-to-End Policies

Please read through the following integration eligibility criteria before beginning an integration. Partners must meet the following requirements and policies to be eligible to integrate with the Actions Center's Local Services Ads End-to-End integration.

While the following requirements are necessary components of eligibility for the Actions Center program, meeting the requirements does not guarantee a partner will be eligible to integrate or go live with the Actions Center.

Failure to meet the requirements and policies may result in integration, merchant or services being suspended or removed from the platform.

General Platform Requirements

  1. Partners must collect and handle all merchant and user data, including any personally identifiable information, in a manner compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any other applicable privacy laws.
  2. Partners must be authorized to make bookings on behalf of their merchants.
  3. Partners must have direct access to merchants' availability/time slots in real time (ie. partners must be able to respond to availability requests from Google in less than 1 second).

    • Special case: We do support reservations that require asynchronous confirmation from the merchant, but the reservation flow must be based on an available time slot. Partners must have real time availability, i.e. through merchant online systems, even if it requires confirmation from the merchant to finalize the reservation.
  4. Partners must have comprehensive inventory for their merchants. Merchants with partial or distressed inventory may not be eligible.

  5. Partners must have 30 days or more of merchants' availability.

  6. Partners must support online cancellation of bookings.

  7. Partners requiring pre-payments must abide by the Actions Center's payment policy, their payment processors must be in the following supported list and accept tokenized payments.

  8. Partners must be able to provide accurate pricing data for the cost of services and abide by the Actions Center's pricing policy.

  9. Partners must be able to meet the Actions Center technical Local Services Ads End-to-End integration requirements.

  10. Partners must abide by the Actions Center's merchant and services eligibility requirements.

  11. Partners must abide by the Actions Center's support and maintenance guidelines.

  12. Partners must maintain acceptable error rates defined in Launch and Monitoring guidelines.

  13. All bookings must be confirmed automatically in real time with the exception of bookings made with an async integration. Bookings made through an async integration must adhere to the Async guideline.

  14. Partners must abide by the Actions Center's vertical or feature specific policies (Offers, Payment, Online services and Dining).

  15. Partner must maintain standard quality content for merchant name, address, services name and description per guideline.