How it works

The Common Android Reseller Library is a Java library that interacts with the Samsung Knox APIs and the zero-touch Reseller API to provide a single integration for Samsung's Knox Deployment Program (KDP) and Google's zero-touch enrollment services.

KDP enables trusted device resellers to verify Samsung devices for their enterprise customers using Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME). Similarly, zero-touch enrollment allows enterprise customers to verify and configure other Android devices purchased from authorized device resellers.

Enroll Samsung and other Android devices through a single integration.

The reseller library contains two factory classes—one for each enrollment service. These factory classes accept service account keys generated from Samsung's Knox Cloud API portal and Google's API Console to authorize calls to Knox and zero-touch reseller APIs (for more details, see Get started). You use these factory classes to create ResellerService objects.

A common set of methods is available to ResellerService objects that allow resellers to perform tasks such as assigning and unassigning devices to and from customers.

After a reseller uses the library to assign devices to an enterprise customer, the customer can use the KME portal to create and apply configs for Samsung devices, and the zero-touch enrollment portal to create and apply configs for other Android devices.

Who it's for

The Common Android Reseller Library is intended for device resellers that haven't integrated with either zero-touch enrollment or KDP.

  • Resellers already integrated with zero-touch enrollment should integrate with KDP separately to manage Samsung devices.
  • Resellers already integrated with KDP should use zero-touch's Reseller API to manage non-Samsung devices.

Example workflow

Below is an example workflow of how a reseller might use the client library to manage KDP and zero-touch device enrollments. Code samples for performing basic tasks are available in Get started and Common operations.

Receive purchase order

  1. An enterprise customer sends you a purchase order. The purchase order contains Samsung and other Android devices.

Create customer IDs

  1. If this is a new customer, use the library to:
    1. Create the customer's zero-touch account.
    2. Create the customer's Samsung Knox Customer ID.
  2. If this is an existing customer (the customer already has zero-touch enrollment and Samsung Knox Customer IDs), then continue to Step 4.

Assign devices

  1. Use the reseller library to assign devices to the customer, based on the customer's purchase order.

Create and apply device configs

  1. Customers can now create configs and apply them to their devices.
    1. Samsung devices: customers use the Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME) portal to create configs and apply them to the Samsung devices they were assigned in Step 4.
    2. Other Android devices: customers use the Zero-touch portal to create configs and apply them to the non-Samsung devices they were assigned in Step 4. If the customer's EMM supports provisioning zero-touch enrollment devices, they can also complete these tasks in their EMM console.

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