Test criteria

The following table describes the certification criteria:

Test type
Device test

Number of devices: 10

Test: Test a variety of Android-powered devices and measure the average tap times. Test each mobile device with two different cards.

Pass criteria: Twenty taps with at least 80% at 500 ms or less. The pass rate must be at least 95% successful.

Tap success rate test

Number of devices: 4

Test: Test the performance and stability of the network on both high-end and low-end devices with the same payment card. The objective is to ensure performance of the network. The pass rate doesn't include failures due to issues like user error.

Pass criteria: One hundred taps with a 95% pass rate.

Cardholder verification methods (CVM) test

Number of devices: 1

Test: Test the device unlock rules to ensure that they're implemented correctly. Tests are based on the time since the last user unlock. A user unlock isn't required for up to 10 low-value transit transactions.

Pass criteria: Approximately 10 taps for all the types of CVM rules. This is a pass-or-fail test.

After you complete the tests, use the open loop launch test evidence form to attach and send your testing evidence to Google.