Vault API Overview

With the Vault API, you can manage eDiscovery projects, including the following tasks:

  • Create matters and set who has access to them
  • Place data on hold
  • Create and edit saved search queries
  • Start and monitor exports

The following is a list of common terms used in the Vault API:

A container for eDiscovery activity related to a specific case or investigation. A matter includes: saved search queries, a list of accounts with data on hold, data exports, and a list of the accounts that can access the matter. A matter is represented by a Matter resource.
A policy that prevents Google Workspace services from deleting data. Holds are typically used to preserve data for legal or investigation purposes. Holds override retention rules. A hold is represented by a Hold resource.
Saved search query
A query that you save in a matter. You can re-run a saved query to get data that changed since the last the query was run. You can also copy saved queries and reuse them in other matters. A saved query is represented by a Saved query resource.
A downloadable set of Google Workspace data that match your search query. An export is represented by an Export resource.

Next steps

  • To work with Vault resources, the account must have the required Vault privileges and access to the matter. To access a matter, the account must have created the matter, have the matter shared with them, or have the View All Matters privilege. For example, to download an export, an account needs the Manage Exports privilege and the matter shared with them.

  • To learn about developing with Google Workspace APIs, including handling authentication and authorization, see Get started as a Workspace developer.

  • To learn how to configure and run a simple Vault app, read the Quickstarts overview.