The app sends this command to the camera to provide it with credentials to access an infrastructure Wi-Fi with access to the Internet. The command includes a pre-shared secret key K that the app will later use to authenticate itself with the camera after both devices have switched to the infrastructure Wi-Fi. This command was added in API level 2.1 and is relevant to Direct Upload.


  • preSharedKey: A randomly generated 256-bit key used for authenticating the camera with the app after both are connected to the infrastructure Wi-Fi. For example, RAND_bytes() from OpenSSL can be used to generate this.
  • wifiSsid: Wi-Fi SSID.
  • wifiPwd: Wi-Fi password, if any.


  • This command returns no result.


  • missingParameter: Some parameter, for example, preSharedKey is missing.
  • invalidParameterName: One or more input parameter names are unrecognized.
  • invalidParameterValue: Input parameter names are recognized but one or more passed value are invalid. For example, the wifiPwd is passed in as an integer instead of a string.
Command I/O
Command Input
"parameters": {
"preSharedKey": "random key",
"wifiSsid": "home Wi-Fi",
"wifiPwd": "wifi password"
Command Output
Command Output (Error)
"error": {
"code": "missingParameter",
"message": "Parameter preSharedKey is missing."