Stops video capture or open-ended interval image capture, determined by captureMode in Options. If the corresponding startCapture is for interval image capture and the termination condition is set (e.g. it terminates after capturing 10 images), then stopCapture is not needed, however, it should still be treated as a valid command for early termination. This command was added in API level 2.


  • This command has no parameter in request body.


  • fileUrls: A list of absolute URLs, pointing to video files or image files for open-ended interval capture.


  • disabledCommand: Command is currently disabled; for example, the capture has already been stopped.
  • invalidParameterName: The input parameter name is unrecognized.

Command I/O

Command Input
Command Output
    "results": {
Command Output (Error)
    "error": {
        "code": "disabledCommand",
        "message": "Command is currently disabled."