The Google Developer Program makes documentation more useful, training more accessible, and your achievements more visible.

Take advantage of these key benefits

Get answers to your coding questions, quick summaries of documentation, and relevant site search results with AI-powered tools using Gemini models.
Tailor your learning journey to your interests as you become proficient in Android, Google Cloud, Firebase, Chrome, and more. Organize your work, track your progress, earn badges, and share your achievements.
Join communities like Women Techmakers and connect with developers and experts across the world. Unlock free learning credits with Google Cloud Innovators, gain access to exclusive events, and test new features.

Access helpful tools that use Gemini models


As a member of the Google Developer Program, you gain access to tools that use Gemini models to help you stay organized, get answers to your technical questions, and accelerate your projects.

These features are only available in supported regions.

  • A chat interface using Gemini models. It's located alongside Google for Developers documentation to provide answers to your questions in real time.
  • A tool available on every code block in Google for Developers documentation that provides detailed code explanations. You can dig deeper by asking follow-up questions.
  • Search results that summarize information and offer richer, more insightful answers directly on the search results page.

Earn badges to display on your profile

Level up your developer journey with badges that recognize your achievements and fuel your progress in Android, Google Cloud, Firebase, Chrome, and more!

Connect with developers and experts across the world

Join groups like Women Techmakers, Cloud Innovators, and others. Share resources, make connections, and create a public profile to share with others.

Discover and save content that interests you

Tailor your developer experience by selecting interests in programming languages, products, and categories. Receive personalized content recommendations based on your selections, browsing activity, and previously saved interests.
Bookmark your favorite pages and receive notifications when your saved content is updated. Organize your saved pages into personalized collections to manage the content that is most important to you.

Any questions?

Check out our FAQs and helpful documentation to unlock the full potential of the Google Developer Program.