Developer Profile is a cross-product experience that enables personalization and helps third-party developers learn and stay up to date on the technology they care about.

Stay up to date on the technology you care about

Users can create and customize their profiles, set email preferences and profile privacy, select interests, save pages, create collections, and join communities.
Users can receive content recommendations, newsletters, badge-related email communications, and notifications about important content updates.
Users can earn badges, save pathway progress, make their profiles public, share badges on social media, and engage with and learn from a community of their peers.

Why Developer Profile?

Each developer has unique goals and experience with Google technology, making the personalized journey important to help them thrive.
  • Offers features and programs to better support developers and maximize productivity.
  • Facilitates discovery and adoption of new products.
  • Elevates learning and community connection to help progress career goals.

Get access to AI-powered features


Users with a Developer Profile get access to the newest AI-powered features that enhance Google Developer documentation like code explanations, search summaries, and a chat interface backed by large language models (LLMs).

These features are only available in supported regions.

  • A stateful AI-powered chat interface located alongside Google Developer documentation to help users get answers to their questions in real time.
  • A feature available on every code block in Google Developer documentation that provides on-demand, detailed code explanations in the Side Panel Chat where users can dig deeper by asking follow-up questions.
  • AI-powered search results that summarize information and offer richer, more insightful answers directly on the search results page.

Earn badges to display on your profile

Badges are digital awards that recognize developer achievements and incentivize users.

Grow your developer community

Communities and Programs lets users with a Developer Profile join membership groups that enhance the developer journey and provide a community where they can get resources, make connections, and see personalized content for topics that interest them.

Save and organize content for easy access

The Saved Pages feature lets users bookmark pages, create customized collections of pages, and receive notifications when their saved content is updated.
Users can organize their saved pages into personalized collections to manage the content that is important to them.

Discover content that interests you

Interests help tailor content to the user and further personalize the developer experience. Users can search for and select interests related to programming languages, products, and categories to add to their profile. Users receive recommendations for interests based on browsing activity and previously saved interests, offering new avenues for discovery and exploration.

Got questions?

Check out our FAQs and helpful documentation to unlock the full potential of your Developer Profile.