Get started with Google Pay

To add support for Google Pay device tokens, you will need to complete two legal agreements with Google (a non-disclosure agreement and an issuer agreement) and complete a technical integration with your token service provider (TSP). Refer to the Non-disclosure agreement section for details on how to start the contracting process with Google. Reach out to your TSP for more information on the technical work required to integrate with their APIs for device tokenization.

Non-disclosure agreement

You will need an NDA to access the restricted sections of this developer site. There are two ways that you can request to sign an NDA:

  1. If you are only interested in viewing the content of this site, but are not ready to sign an agreement, use this form to request only an NDA.
  2. If you are planning to launch support for device tokenization, use this form to request both an NDA and issuer agreement. You must accept the NDA before we will send the issuer agreement to you.

Once you have accepted the NDA, the team will add you to the access list for this site and send an email to confirm.

Issuer agreement

After you complete the NDA, we will email a link to the click-to-accept (CTA) issuer agreement. We recommend that issuers accept the CTA agreement before starting any technical work with your TSP. And, we strictly prohibit issuers from performing any tokenizations in the production environment prior to accepting the agreement. The CTA agreement is a standard agreement and is not customizable. Once you have accepted the agreement, you will be able to download a PDF version for your records.

Getting Started

Once you have accepted the NDA and issuer agreement, you are ready to begin integration work with your TSP! Your TSP should be able to guide you through the process of configuring their systems and integrating with their APIs related to device tokenization. The integration with TSP section of this site explains Google Pay product behavior, including Google Pay specific requirements for how you configure the settings at your TSP. Once your TSP integration is complete, you are ready to integrate with our APIs like push provisioning. If you have any issues along the way, our support page explains where to get help.

BIN Sponsors or Program Managers

If you are a BIN Sponsor or program manager who has already signed the CTA but would like to launch a new program or sub-entity, you can notify Google by selecting the option "BIN Sponsor or program manager notifying Google of a sub-entity launch" option within the Request for CTA form. As part of the notification, Google expects that standard testing requirements have been met for manual tokenization, or the program manager launch process has been followed for a push provisioning launch.