Creating an ad countdown timer

This guide walks you through adding a countdown timer to an HTML5 IMA SDK implementation.


This guide assumes that you have a working HTML5 IMA SDK implementation. If you do not, refer to the Get Started guide.

Creating the timer

Adding a countdown timer to your IMA-enabled video player only requires adding a few lines of JavaScript to poll the remainingTime property of the AdsManager instance. We use the setInterval() method to call a function every second to check adsManager.remainingTime.

// Global countdown timer
var countdownTimer;
function onAdsStarted(adEvent) {
  countdownTimer = setInterval(function() {
    var timeRemaining = adsManager.getRemainingTime();
    // Update UI with timeRemaining
  }, 1000);
function onContentResumeRequested(adEvent) {
  if (countdownTimer) {

Try it out

You can see a working implementation below.