Using IMA SDK for Android with Android TV

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We recommend several best practices to ensure your app functions properly on Android TV when using the IMA SDK for Android.

Get started by familiarizing yourself with developing TV apps for Android. Specifically, make sure your Activity is set up for TV as explained in the start guide. You also want to handle TV navigation to make sure users can navigate your app well on Android TV.

Handling skippable ads

The SDK optimizes skippable formats for TV-like devices, for instance by removing the ability to engage with a Learn More button. By default, the SDK sets focus on the skip button when skipping is available so the ad can be skipped on Android TV. Therefore, no extra work is necessary to support skippable ads.

You can configure this by calling AdsRenderingSettings.setFocusSkipButtonWhenAvailable().

For more information on what ads are supported, check out the compatibility matrix.