Type name: ExercisePlan

Extends CreativeWork or PhysicalActivity

Name Type Description
activityDuration Duration Length of time to engage in the activity.
activityFrequency Text How often one should engage in the activity.
additionalVariable Text Any additional component of the exercise prescription that may need to be articulated to the patient. This may include the order of exercises, the number of repetitions of movement, quantitative distance, progressions over time, etc.
exerciseType Text Type(s) of exercise or activity, such as strength training, flexibility training, aerobics, cardiac rehabilitation, etc.
intensity Text Quantitative measure gauging the degree of force involved in the exercise, for example, heartbeats per minute. May include the velocity of the movement.
repetitions Number Number of times one should repeat the activity.
restPeriods Text How often one should break from the activity.
workload Energy Quantitative measure of the physiologic output of the exercise; also referred to as energy expenditure.