Type name: EventReservation

Extends Reservation

Name Type Description
action Action An action that can be taken upon this thing.
action.name Text The string shown to the user on the UI element tied to the action.
action.url URL Target url for the action. If no explicit handler field is provided the action handler is expanded into a WebActionHandler with this url as the WebActionHandler url.
additionalTicketText Text Additional information about the ticket.
bookingAgent Organization or Person Booking agent or agency. Also accepts a string (e.g. "").
bookingAgent.image URL URL of an image of the Organization.
bookingAgent.name Text Name of the agent/service.
bookingAgent.url URL Website of the agent/service.
bookingTime DateTime Date the reservation was made.
cancelReservationUrl URL Web page where reservation can be cancelled.
confirmReservationUrl URL Web page where reservation can be confirmed.
modifiedTime DateTime (recommended for Confirmation Cards/Search Answers) Time the reservation was last modified.
modifyReservationUrl URL (recommended for Confirmation Cards/Search Answers) Web page where reservation can be modified.
numSeats Number The number of seats.
price Text Total price of the EventReservation.
priceCurrency Text The currency (in 3-letter ISO 4217 format) of the EventReservation's price.
programMembership ProgramMembership Any membership in a frequent flyer, hotel loyalty program, etc. being applied to the reservation.
programMembership.memberNumber Text The identifier of the membership.
programMembership.program Text The name of the program.
Event Can use Event, or any of the event subtypes, including BusinessEvent, ChildrenEvent, ComedyEvent, DanceEvent, EducationEvent, Festival, FoodEvent, LiteraryEvent, MovieShowing, MusicEvent, SaleEvent, SocialEvent, SportsEvent, TheaterEvent, VisualArtsEvent.
reservationFor.description Text A short description of the Event.
reservationFor.doorTime DateTime The time admission will commence.
reservationFor.endDate DateTime The end date and time of the event.
reservationFor.image URL URL of an image of the Event.
Place The event's location.
PostalAddress Address of the the event's location.
Text or Country Country of the event's location.
Text Locality (e.g. city) of the event's location.
Text Region (e.g. State) of the event's location.
Text Postal code of the event's location.
Text Street address of the event's location.
Text Name of the the event's location.
Text Event's name.
reservationFor.performer Person or Organization (recommended for Confirmation Cards/Search Answers) The event's performer. Also accepts an array of objects.
reservationFor.performer.image URL (recommended for Confirmation Cards/Search Answers) URL of an image of the Person.
reservationFor.performer.name Text (recommended for Confirmation Cards/Search Answers) Name of the Person.
reservationFor.performer.url URL URL of the Person.
DateTime The start date and time of the event.
reservationFor.url URL URL of the Event.
Text The number or id of the reservation.
ReservationStatus Current status of the reservation.
ticketDownloadUrl URL Where the ticket can be downloaded.
ticketNumber Text The number or id of the ticket.
ticketPrintUrl URL Where the ticket can be printed.
ticketToken Text or URL If the barcode image is hosted on your site, the value of the field is URL of the image, or a barcode or QR URI, such as "barcode128:AB34" (ISO-15417 barcodes), "qrCode:AB34" (QR codes), "aztecCode:AB34" (Aztec codes), "barcodeEAN:1234" (EAN codes) and "barcodeUPCA:1234" (UPCA codes).
Person or Organization The ticket holder.
underName.email Text Email address.
Text Name of the Person.
url URL Web page where reservation can be viewed.
venueRow Text The seat's row.
venueSeat Text The seat number.
venueSection Text The seat's section.