Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get the same values (step count, calories, distance etc.) as the Google Fit app?

We recommend reading by data type to get the same values as the Google Fit app. Learn how to read the daily step count here.

The Google Fit platform reviews all the information available for a specific data type from different sources and merges it in a logical way. For example, a user tracks a run with their smart watch and their phone. The step counts from their watch and phone are merged to get the most complete step count. When merging data, watch data is prioritised over phone data (prioritisation avoids counting duplicate steps). The Google Fit platform returns this accurate, merged information when you read the data type.

Steps in particular have these extra validation applied to make the final step count as accurate as possible.

Google Fit detects when users are doing activities that shouldn't contribute to their step count (like cycling, driving or travelling via public transport) and removes these from the final step count.

The Google Fit app shows this more accurate, estimated step count on both the Android and iOS app, and the Google Fit app on smart watches with Wear OS.

If you read by your app's data source rather than by data type, and your app only uses local step data, the step count will be different from the step count in the Google Fit app.

If you're reading the data types but values are still different from the Google Fit app, this temporary difference in numbers could be due to syncing delays. Our backend has the most recent version of data and your app will show the same values once it's synced with the backend.

How do I read data written to the platform by other apps or devices?

For the REST API, make an HTTP request to list data sources. The response will list all the data sources available to your app to read.

For the Android APIs, read by data type and the Fit platform will return the merged stream by default. This automatically includes all data available to your app, including data written by other apps. You won't be able to see a list of which apps or devices the data came from with the Android APIs.

Do I need to install the Google Fit app to use the APIs?

No, you don't need to install the Google Fit app to use the APIs or the Fit platform.