Conduct health research with Google Fit

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Google is excited to support the use of Google Fit APIs for health research. Here are the steps you need to take to conduct health research using the Google Fit APIs:

  1. Submit your app for OAuth verification and identify your app as “Health Research.” When you submit your app for OAuth verification in the Google Cloud Console, you will be asked to categorize your app based on your app’s intended purpose. Select “Health Research” as your app’s category.
  2. Fill out a Health Research intake form. After you submit your app for OAuth verification and select “Health Research” as your app’s category, you will receive an email asking you to fill out a Health Research intake form. This form will ask for information including study description, study outcome measures, and approval.
  3. Wait for Google to approve your intake form submission. Once you submit your completed Health Research intake form, hold tight! Google’s clinical research team will review your submission and contact you, usually within 7 business days. The team will either advise you on how to adjust your submission if they have questions or concerns about your study, or give you the go-ahead to proceed with your research using the Google Fit APIs.
  4. Share your research findings with Google. Once your approved study is complete and you’ve synthesized your research findings, please share your research findings with Google by submitting details of your publication here.


The following FAQs apply to apps wishing to use the Google Fit APIs for health research purposes.

Which Google Fit APIs does the health research policy apply to?

The policy applies to both the REST and Android APIs.

Where can developers learn more about the Google Fit Health Research Policy?

The full Google Fit Health Research Policy can be found here.

How will developers be contacted about filling out the health research intake form?

You will be contacted via the contact email addresses that you have stored in Cloud Console, so please make sure these are kept up to date.