MERRA-2 M2T1NXLND: Land Surface Diagnostics V5.12.4

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M2T1NXLND (or tavg1_2d_lnd_Nx) is an hourly time-averaged data collection in Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications version 2 (MERRA-2). This collection consists of land surface diagnostics, such a baseflow flux, runoff, surface soil wetness, root zone soil wetness, water at surface layer, water at root zone layer, and soil temperature at six layers. The data field is time-stamped with the central time of an hour starting from 00:30 UTC, e.g.: 00:30, 01:30, ... , 23:30 UTC.

MERRA-2 is the latest version of global atmospheric reanalysis for the satellite era produced by NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO) using the Goddard Earth Observing System Model (GEOS) version 5.12.4. The dataset covers the period of 1980-present with the latency of ~3 weeks after the end of a month.


69375 meters

Y Resolution
55000 meters


Name Units Min Max Description
BASEFLOW kg/m^2/s 0* 0.000129*

Baseflow flux

ECHANGE W/m^2 -2930.42* 689.084*

Rate of change of total land energy

EVLAND kg/m^2/s -0.00011* 0.000682*

Evaporation land

EVPINTR W/m^2 -55.2571* 582.82*

Interception loss energy flux

EVPSBLN W/m^2 -310.134* 729.17*

Snow ice evaporation energy flux

EVPSOIL W/m^2 -0.588216* 1217.36*

Baresoil evaporation energy flux

EVPTRNS W/m^2 -0.882528* 1635.84*

Transpiration energy flux

FRSAT 0* 0.983076*

Fractional area of saturated zone

FRSNO 0* 1*

Fractional area of land snowcover

FRUNST 0* 0.999996*

Fractional area of unsaturated zone

FRWLT 0* 1*

Fractional area of wilting zone

GHLAND W/m^2 -245.165* 304.675*

Ground heating land

GRN 0* 0.990087*

Greeness fraction

GWETPROF 0.086402* 0.99997*

Average prof soil moisture

GWETROOT 0.085486* 1*

Root zone soil wetness

GWETTOP 0.010069* 1*

Surface soil wetness

LAI 0* 8.07408*

Leaf area index

LHLAND W/m^2 -308.962* 1682.57*

Latent heat flux land

LWLAND W/m^2 -318.505* 47.5398*

Net longwave land

PARDFLAND W/m^2 0* 277.006*

Surface downwelling photosynthetic active radiation diffuse flux

PARDRLAND W/m^2 0* 441.662*

Surface downwelling par beam flux

PRECSNOLAND kg/m^2/s 0* 0.008119*

Snowfall land

PRECTOTLAND kg/m^2/s 0* 0.110576*

Total precipitation land

PRMC Volume fraction 0.032228* 0.476084*

Water profile

QINFIL kg/m^2/s 0* 0.012518*

Soil water infiltration rate

RUNOFF kg/m^2/s 0* 0.104504*

Overland runoff including throughflow

RZMC Volume fraction 0.031886* 0.478268*

Water root zone

SFMC Volume fraction 0.003945* 0.478*

Water surface layer

SHLAND W/m^2 -1189.34* 768.706*

Sensible heat flux land

SMLAND kg/m^2/s 0* 0.007922*

Snowmelt flux land

SNODP m 0* 9.30012*

Snow depth

SNOMAS kg/m^2 0* 3964.6*

Total snow storage land

SPLAND W/m^2 -71.822* 754.467*

Rate of spurious land energy source

SPSNOW W/m^2 -1287.32* 127.015*

Rate of spurious snow energy

SPWATR kg/m^2/s -0.000305* 2e-06*

Rate of spurious land water source

SWLAND W/m^2 0* 1076.59*

Net shortwave land

TELAND J/m^2 -2.06745e+09* 1.09445e+09*

Total energy storage land

TPSNOW K 207.984* 273.16*

Surface temperature of snow

TSAT K 231.971* 319.16*

Surface temperature of saturated zone

TSOIL1 K 235.694* 326.169*

Soil temperatures layer 1

TSOIL2 K 236.821* 317.313*

Soil temperatures layer 2

TSOIL3 K 238.6* 314.921*

Soil temperatures layer 3

TSOIL4 K 241.158* 313.186*

Soil temperatures layer 4

TSOIL5 K 244.4* 311.295*

Soil temperatures layer 5

TSOIL6 K 249.436* 309.734*

Soil temperatures layer 6

TSURF K 207.984* 341.939*

Surface temperature of land incl snow

TUNST K 231.303* 341.938*

Surface temperature of unsaturated zone

TWLAND kg/m^2 42.9657* 4430.25*

Available water storage land

TWLT K 231.303* 341.939*

Surface temperature of wilted zone

WCHANGE kg/m^2/s -0.001769* 0.012293*

Rate of change of total land water

* estimated min or max value

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

NASA promotes the full and open sharing of all data with research and applications communities, private industry, academia, and the general public.

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var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('NASA/GSFC/MERRA/lnd/2')
                  .filter('2022-02-01', '2022-02-02'));
var baseflow_flux ='BASEFLOW');
var bfVis = {
  min: -0.00000913,
  max:  0.00001076,
  palette: ['001137', '01abab', 'e7eb05', '620500']
Map.setCenter(-95, 39, 2);
Map.addLayer(baseflow_flux, bfVis, 'Baseflow flux');
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