Labels API v2beta & v2 comparison reference

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The latest version of the Drive Labels API is v2. Use the current version unless you need functionality only available in v2beta. For a complete list of version differences, see the comparison charts below.

Method differences between v2beta & v2

This table shows v2beta methods that have changed or are unavailable in v2.

v2beta Methods v2 Methods
labels.create Not available
labels.delete n/a n/a
labels.disable n/a
labels.enable n/a
labels.get labels.get
labels.list labels.list
labels.publish n/a
labels.updateLabelCopyMode n/a
labels.locks.list n/a
labels.permissions.batchDelete n/a
labels.permissions.batchUpdate n/a
labels.permissions.create n/a
labels.permissions.delete n/a
labels.permissions.list n/a
labels.permissions.patch n/a
labels.revisions.locks.list n/a
labels.revisions.permissions.batchDelete n/a
labels.revisions.permissions.batchUpdate n/a
labels.revisions.permissions.create n/a
labels.revisions.permissions.delete n/a
labels.revisions.permissions.list n/a
labels.revisions.permissions.patch n/a
limits.getLabel n/a
users.getCapabilities n/a