Set a label field on a file

This page describes how to set a label Field on a single Google Drive file. To add metadata to a file by setting a file label, use the files.modifyLabels method.

You also need to specify:

  • The fieldId of the field to modify.

  • The new value for this field.

  • The labelId of the label to modify.

  • The fileId of the file for which the labels are modified.

This example uses the fieldId of a text field to set a value for this Field on a file. When a label Field is initially set on a file, it applies the label to the file. You can then unset a single field or remove all fields associated with the label. For more information, see Unset a label field on a file and Remove a label from a file.


LabelFieldModification fieldModification =
new LabelFieldModification().setFieldId("FIELD_ID").setSetTextValues(ImmutableList.of("VALUE"));

ModifyLabelsRequest modifyLabelsRequest =
  new ModifyLabelsRequest()
              new LabelModification()

ModifyLabelsResponse modifyLabelsResponse = driveService.files().modifyLabels("FILE_ID", modifyLabelsRequest).execute();


field_modification = {'fieldId':'FIELD_ID','setTextValues':['VALUE']}
label_modification = {'labelId':'LABEL_ID', 'fieldModifications':[field_modification]}

modified_labels = drive_service.files().modifyLabels(fileId="FILE_ID", body = {'labelModifications' : [label_modification]});


* Set a label with a text field on a Drive file
* @return{obj} updated label data
async function modifyLabelTextField() {
  // Get credentials and build service
  // TODO (developer) - Use appropriate auth mechanism for your app

  const {GoogleAuth} = require('google-auth-library');
  const {google} = require('googleapis');

  const auth = new GoogleAuth({scopes: ''});
  const service ={version: 'v3', auth});
  const fieldModification = {
    'fieldId': 'FIELD_ID',
    'setTextValues': ['VALUE'],
  const labelModification = {
    'labelId': 'LABEL_ID',
    'fieldModifications': [fieldModification],
  const labelModificationRequest = {
    'labelModifications': [labelModification],
  try {
    const updateResponse = await service.files.modifyLabels({
      fileId: 'FILE_ID',
      resource: labelModificationRequest,
    return updateResponse;
  } catch (err) {
    // TODO (developer) - Handle error
    throw err;


  • To set a label with no fields, apply labelModifications with no fieldModifications present.
  • To set values for selection fields, use the choice id of the value that you can get by fetching the label schema in the Drive Drive Labels API.
  • Only a Field that supports lists of values can have multiple values set, otherwise you'll receive a 400: Bad Request error response.
  • To locate the fieldId, retrieve the label using the Drive Drive Labels API.
  • Set the proper value type for the selected field (such as integer, text, user, etc.), otherwise you'll receive a 400: Bad Request error response. You can retrieve the field data type using the Drive Drive Labels API.