Enabling Autocomplete

Apart from customizing colors, fonts or link style in the Control Panel, it is possible to influence the look and feel and the behavior of the search box via custom HTML attributes.

This allows you to override some of the general settings from Control Panel. It is especially useful when you want one search box (e.g. one on the homepage) to behave differently than other ones on the site. For example, you can enable or disable autocomplete feature using enableAutoComplete attribute. By default, it is set to true if autocomplete is enabled in the Control Panel. By switching the value to false you can control how the element behaves.

<!-- Insert your own Programmable Search Engine ID here --> <script async src="https://cse.google.com/cse.js?cx=017643444788069204610:4gvhea_mvga"></script> <!-- Try switching the attribute value to "true" or "false" -->
<div class="gcse-search" enableAutoComplete="true"></div>

Note: Newly enabled or added autocompletions may take several hours to appear.

There are many more options available. You can read about other search box customization options in Programmable Search Element Control API section.

For more information on Autocompletions, please see the Help Center article on Autocomplete.


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