Feeds overview

This section specifies the feed files used to transmit your inventory data to the Actions Center. The contents of your feeds defines which services you are providing, what services are available, and when the services are available.

Check the References and Samples accordion to learn how to share these feeds with us.

The structure of the inventory feeds are defined by the Google Maps Booking API.

The following feed is mandatory across any integration:

In addition, the 2 following feeds are mandatory for end-to-end integration.

  • Services feed: Describes the services provided by your merchants.
  • Availability feed: Lists availability slots of services provided by your merchants.

Some fields in these feeds are required and some are optional. Any field marked as optional can be left out of the feed when empty.

The feeds format is described using protocol buffer 3 syntax. You have the option to upload the feeds file as a binary serialization of the protocol buffer data in pb3 format or in a derived JSON format. We recommend uploading the feeds in JSON format.

We recommend using gzip to compress feeds prior to upload.

This guide is specific to the Actions Center protocol buffers. For general information on how to use the protocol buffers to generate a pb3 file, here is an example in Java.