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Frequently asked questions

This section contains answers to some common questions about Google Workspace Marketplace.

Why must I add scopes to different places?

The scopes you add to each place are used in different ways.

  • The scopes added to the OAuth consent screen are used for OAuth verification.
  • The scopes added to the Google Workspace Marketplace SDK are used for domain-wide and individual installs to authorize your app.
  • If your app was built in Apps Script, the scopes added to the manifest are necessary for your app to function properly.

For example, if you publish an app that includes a Sheets add-on and a Docs add-on, each add-on’s Apps Script manifest only includes the scopes specific to the add-on. In your Google Cloud project, the OAuth consent screen and Google Workspace Marketplace SDK include the scopes for both add-ons.

Once I’ve published, how can users access my app listing?

If you’ve enabled individual installations, people can find and install your app directly from Google Workspace Marketplace. If your app is a Google Chat app, people can find it in Google Chat by clicking Find apps.

If you’ve enabled admin only installs, domain admins and users who aren't logged in can find your app listing on Google Workspace Marketplace, but only admins can install your app. If your app is a Google Chat app, domain admins can find it in Google Chat by clicking Find apps.

Does an administrator have the ability to do an individual install?

Yes, if an app is individually installable, admins can install it either for themselves or for their domain users.

How can I create additional owners of an app listing?

To give someone access to your app listing, add them to your Google Cloud project. See Grant a single role.

If you built your app with Apps Script, you can use a shared drive as the source location for your script project. This ensures that no single account is the sole owner of the project. Make sure your collaborators have access to the shared drive.

How can I get my app listing to show up on the homepage (for example, Most Popular, New Arrivals, Top Rated)?

App listings featured on the homepage are algorithmically selected based on a combination of rankings, reviews, install performance, and other factors.

How do app listings get added to the “Works with...” lists?

This is determined by the app integrations within your app. For example, a Sheets add-on appears under “Works with Sheets.”

For Google Workspace Add-ons, the “Works with…” category is determined by the host apps specified in the add-on’s manifest. For example, if a Google Workspace Add-ons extends Gmail, the app listing appears in the Google Workspace Marketplace under "Works with Gmail" after publication.

Web apps aren’t included in the “Works with…” categories.

I also have an Android app in the Google Play Store. Can the reviews and ratings from my listings be merged?

No, the install numbers and user ratings from apps on the Google Play Store can’t be combined with Google Workspace Marketplace app listings.