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Getting support from Google

When seeking support DO:

  • Route your request to the correct support channel for your issue.
  • Check if your issue is already covered on the troubleshooting page.
  • Include relevant support information that can be used to assist you. The most useful information to share are the email address of the affected user, the environment, the approximate timestamps, and a detailed description of the error. Other relevant identifiers like the FPAN last 4, wallet IDs, token reference IDs, etc. are helpful if available. We cannot look up accounts by the users FPAN or DPAN.

Make sure you DON'T:

  • Send SPII like cardholder data, FPAN, CVV, or expiry (even for sandbox or test cards). You may send at most the first 8 digits or last 4 digits if relevant to the question. We cannot look up information using FPANs.
  • Initiate support requests by emailing Google support email addresses or copying those aliases into threads.
  • Switch between topics on a support thread. Instead, file a new request and make sure to fill out all requested details for that other topic.

Marketing questions

Branding questions related to the Push Provisioning API should be routed to the Push Provisioning support team. All other marketing and branding questions should be submitted through the Partner Marketing Hub contact form.

Google Pay API issues

If you need support for a Google Pay API like Push Provisioning, please refer to the support page and troubleshooting guide specific to that API:

General questions

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