Model Registration

All Provider models must be registered with Google before they will work with Fast Pair. After registration, Google will distribute a Model ID and Anti-Spoofing Public/Private Key Pair. The information provided during registration is used in the pairing suggestion presented to the user, and may be used in other UX.

Example pairing suggestion (subject to change)

How to Register a Model ID

  1. Create a Google Cloud (GC) project if one does not exist.
    1. Projects are initially inactive and will be activated within a few days of creation.
      1. Your project will show an icon at the top of the page in the Nearby console indicating whether it is active or not.
  2. Register your device Model ID at the Nearby console.

    1. To register a device:

      1. Create a new device in your GC Project.
      2. Submit the device by pressing the "Approval" button:

      3. If needed, copy the device's Model ID from the device page:

    2. For information about registering your device and getting the relevant Model ID and Anti-Spoofing keys, see the Nearby Devices documentation under the help section.

  3. Associate all devices with your GC project.

    1. Each project can contain an unlimited number of devices.