Measuring viewability of ads

It's important that the IMA SDKs can tell when ads are visible to users and send the correct signals back to the ad server.

Active View reporting measures the viewability of ads.

  1. The pub sends a StreamRequest to start the stream.

  2. The StreamDisplayContainer from that request (getStreamDisplayContainer) holds an ad container ViewGroup (getAdContainer and setAdContainer).

  3. Active View receives measurements on that ViewGroup (getLocationOnScreen and getGlobalVisibleRect).

See if the SDK can measure ad viewability

  • Verify that the SDK is able to capture viewability signals.

  • Look for instances of "active_view_vide_measurable_impression" in the HTTP requests and check for mtos.

  • Monitor Active View measurement.

Common causes and fixes for viewability issues

Some publishers use their own video display, which means they control playback entirely.
Google and the publisher need to work together to ensure the layout is correct and the necessary metrics are being returned.