Android 12 and 13 targeting requirements

Advertising ID

If your app uses the IMA SDK version 3.25.1 or higher, the SDK already automatically declares the permission and is able to access the Advertising ID whenever it's available.

For apps that use the IMA SDK version 3.24.0 or lower and are targeting Android 13, you must add the permission in the AndroidManifest.xml file for the Google Mobile Ads SDK to access the Advertising ID:



    <!-- For apps targeting Android 13 or higher & IMA SDK version 3.24.0 or lower -->
    <uses-permission android:name=""/>

To learn more about the permission declaration, including how to disable it, please refer to this Play Console article.

App Set ID

Starting with Android 12 devices, Google Play will zero out the advertising ID when a user opts out of personalization in their Android Settings. Google Play has also introduced the App Set ID, which offers a privacy-friendly way to correlate usage or actions across a set of apps owned by the same organization.

IMA version 3.25.1 or higher includes the App Set ID SDK by default. App Set ID is essential to support non ads use-cases such as analytics and fraud prevention, when the advertising ID is zeroed out. For more information on the App Set ID see this Android developer guide.