VNP21A1N: Night Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Daily 1km

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The NASA Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (Suomi NPP) Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity (LST&E) Night Version 1 product (VNP21A1N) is compiled daily from nighttime Level 2 Gridded (L2G) intermediate products.

The L2G process maps the daily VNP21 swath granules onto a sinusoidal MODIS grid and stores all observations overlapping a gridded cell for a given night. The VNP21A1 algorithm sorts through all these observations for each cell and estimates the final LST value as an average from all cloud-free observations that have good LST accuracies. Only observations having observation coverage more than a certain threshold (15%) are considered for this averaging.



1000 meters


Name Units Scale Offset Description
LST_1KM K 0.02

Daily 1 km Land Surface Temperature.


Daily Quality control for LST and emissivity

Emis_14 0.002 0.49

Daily M14 emissivity

Emis_15 0.002 0.49

Daily M15 emissivity

Emis_16 0.002 0.49

Daily M16 emissivity

View_Angle degree -65

View zenith angle of LST

View_Time h 0.1

Time of LST observation

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

LP DAAC NASA data are freely accessible; however, when an author publishes these data or works based on the data, it is requested that the author cite the datasets within the text of the publication and include a reference to them in the reference list.




Explore in Earth Engine

var dataset = ee.ImageCollection('NOAA/VIIRS/001/VNP21A1N')
                  .filter('2022-11-01', '2022-12-01'));

var visualization = {
  bands: ['LST_1KM'],
  min: 200,
  max: 300,
  palette: [
Map.setCenter(41.2, 38.84, 3);
Map.addLayer(dataset, visualization, 'LST');