Appointments Business Link Integration Policies

The following integration policies apply to the Appointments Business Link integration.

Place Action policies

In order to ensure a consistent user experience when interacting with Place Action links, all Place Action platform providers must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Place Action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the merchant. The links must not lead to the platform provider’s homepage or any other pages. For in-person actions for businesses with multiple locations, place action links must lead to a dedicated landing page for the specific location from Google (unless otherwise exempt due to vertical-specific policies).

  2. Place Action links must allow the user to complete the designated action. For example, an ‘ordering’ link must allow the user to complete an order without placing a phone call or going to another site or app.

  3. Partners must abide by the Actions Center's Support & maintenance guidelines.

Merchant Eligibility

The following categories are currently enabled for the Actions Center Business Link and Redirect integrations:

  • Restaurants
  • Business offering online services
  • Retail merchants

Adherence to this policy will be proactively monitored on a regular basis. Violation of the policy can result in perpetual removal of all Place Action links provided by the platform provider.