API Reference

Google provides several tools to help you develop applications that retrieve YouTube Analytics data.

  • Applications should use the YouTube Reporting API if they retrieve data and store it in a data warehouse, then provide tools to filter, sort, and mine that data.
  • Applications should use the YouTube Analytics API to retrieve customized reports from YouTube in response to user interaction.
APIs Explorer You can use the APIs Explorer to test and debug API queries. The tool enables you to authorize requests and see API responses.
  • For bulk reports, some API responses specify URLs from which you can retrieve the actual reports.
  • For targeted query reports, API responses contain actual YouTube Analytics data.
Client libraries Google API client libraries, which are available for many programming languages, can greatly simplify your API implementation. In addition, the Samples section of the documentation provides a number of code samples that use the client libraries to retrieve YouTube Analytics data.

The links below point to documentation for Google API client libraries:
Code samples The youtube/api-samples GitHub repository contains all of the code samples accessible via the Samples tab.