Partner portal overview

The partner portal is an interactive tool that allows you to manage your vehicle listings integration on Google. You can modify your account settings, manage your feed, add or remove users, and view the status of your inventory that you've submitted to Google. To access the partner portal, you must be onboarded to vehicle listings.

You need a Google Account to access the partner portal. All Gmail accounts are also Google Accounts, or you can link an existing email address to a Google Account. If you don't have a Google Account, follow the instructions at Create your Google Account.

If you use a Google Workspace (GSuite) account, contact your domain admin to make sure the Partner Dash service is enabled for all users within your Google Workspace domain. For more details, see Turn a service on or off for Google Workspace users.

User access

Ask the account owner on your team to provide access. To provide access to other users for your vehicle listings account, complete the following:

  1. Sign in to your partner portal account.
  2. Click the invite icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the email address of the user you'd like to grant access to.
    1. User permission to "Access" gives basic access to view inventory and create support cases. This is the lowest access level.
    2. User permission to be "Account Writer" gives Access permissions as well as the ability to modify account details.
    3. User permission to "Manage" gives Account Writer permissions as well as administrator privileges such as adding users to the account. This is the highest access level.
  4. Ensure the "Notify people" box is checked so the user can receive access instructions if they haven't previously accessed the partner portal through the provided email address.
  5. Click Invite.
  6. When shared, an invite will be sent to the user’s email. If the user hasn't previously accessed the partner portal, they'll need to validate their email address through the link provided by Google to gain access.

Account owners can specify different access levels per user. Regardless of the permissions level, any users with access to the account will be able to view all inventory information associated with that account.

You can find all the pages listed in the following sections through the left-hand navigation menu.


The onboarding page shows up when your vehicle listings aren't live yet. It contains the next steps for you to set up and launch vehicle listings, such as how to prepare and upload the inventory feed, review your content, and enable the integration.


The account page lets you add or remove contact information, subscribe to alerts and announcements, and manage your vehicle listings integration.


The feed page lets you manage your feed, contains credentials and instructions on how to upload the feed to Google, and shows the status of your feed uploads.


The diagnostics page lets you see the status of all your dealerships and vehicles. Use this page to troubleshoot quality issues with your data. The performance page shows you a snapshot of your performance, such as how many users view your vehicles on Google and click through to the dealer website.


Use the support page to ask questions or request assistance. After you create a case through the portal, an email is sent to your address. At this point, you can reply directly on the email thread to continue the conversation with our support team.