Automatic image improvements

We understand that curating inventory photos can be a difficult process. We've heard from users that high-quality imagery is important to them when they are shopping for vehicles online. For this reason, we may attempt to improve the quality of vehicle images on Google. Some of the ways we may do this is by:

  1. Reordering images provided by you to show the best images first.
  2. Cropping the image to better frame the vehicle.
  3. Substituting high quality licensed stock images when there are no images in the feed, or the provided images do not meet our policy requirements.

Manage automatic image improvements

Automatic image improvements are turned on by default. Having image improvements enabled is likely to improve the performance of your vehicle listings. You can turn image improvements off and manage your settings at any time.

To manage the settings for automatic image improvements:

  1. Follow the steps at Manage vehicle listings on the Business Profile.
  2. Click the Enhance image toggle to turn off/on automatic image improvements.