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Resource representations

Represents a Google Tag Manager Transformation.

  "path": string,
  "accountId": string,
  "containerId": string,
  "workspaceId": string,
  "transformationId": string,
  "name": string,
  "type": string,
  "parameter": [
      "type": string,
      "key": string,
      "value": string,
      "list": [
      "map": [
      "isWeakReference": boolean
  "fingerprint": string,
  "tagManagerUrl": string,
  "parentFolderId": string,
  "notes": string
Property name Value Description Notes
accountId string GTM Account ID.
containerId string GTM Container ID.
fingerprint string The fingerprint of the GTM Transformation as computed at storage time. This value is recomputed whenever the transformation is modified.
name string Transformation display name. writable
notes string User notes on how to apply this transformation in the container. writable
parameter[] list The transformation's parameters. writable
parameter[].isWeakReference boolean Whether or not a reference type parameter is strongly or weakly referenced. Only used by Transformations. writable
parameter[].key string The named key that uniquely identifies a parameter. Required for top-level parameters, as well as map values. Ignored for list values. writable
parameter[].list[] list This list parameter's parameters (keys will be ignored). writable
parameter[].map[] list This map parameter's parameters (must have keys; keys must be unique). writable
parameter[].type string The parameter type. Valid values are:
  • boolean: The value represents a boolean, represented as 'true' or 'false'
  • integer: The value represents a 64-bit signed integer value, in base 10
  • list: A list of parameters should be specified
  • map: A map of parameters should be specified
  • template: The value represents any text; this can include variable references (even variable references that might return non-string types)
  • trigger_reference: The value represents a trigger, represented as the trigger id
  • tag_reference: The value represents a tag, represented as the tag name

Acceptable values are:
  • "boolean"
  • "integer"
  • "list"
  • "map"
  • "tagReference"
  • "template"
  • "triggerReference"
  • "typeUnspecified"
parameter[].value string A parameter's value (may contain variable references such as "{{myVariable}}") as appropriate to the specified type. writable
parentFolderId string Parent folder id.
path string GTM transformation's API relative path.
tagManagerUrl string Auto generated link to the tag manager UI
transformationId string The Transformation ID uniquely identifies the GTM transformation.
type string Transformation type. writable
workspaceId string GTM Workspace ID.


Creates a GTM Transformation.
Deletes a GTM Transformation.
Gets a GTM Transformation.
Lists all GTM Transformations of a GTM container workspace.
Reverts changes to a GTM Transformation in a GTM Workspace.
Updates a GTM Transformation.