This page details terminology used throughout this documentation.

  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD): A physical device that can transmit in the CBRS band after it receives authorization from a SAS. Examples include a cell phone base station or an eNodeB.
  • CBSD grant status: Grants have one of the following states: granted, authorized, suspended, or terminated.
  • CBSD ID: The unique identifier for a CBSD. It's composed of the CBSD’s FCC ID and serial number.
  • Spectrum Access System (SAS): A cloud service that controls the operating parameters of CBSDs to ensure the protection of higher-priority users.
  • Certified Professional Installer (CPI): The person who validates the installation parameters of certain types of CBSDs and provides them to a SAS. The SAS validates this person's CPI identity and certification before they're allowed to provide CBSD installation parameters.
  • Customer account (Customer): The resource under which all other resources are created for a SAS customer. A SAS customer is a company that has a direct commercial contract with Google for SAS services.
  • User ID: The unique identifier for the owner/operator of a CBSD.
  • FCC ID: The FCC identifier associated with a CBSD, which indicates that it has been certified by the FCC.
  • Serial number: A unique identifier assigned to a particular CBSD by the manufacturer.