Client Libraries and Sample Code

Google Data client libraries are available to help you write client applications that use the Sites Data API.

For each language, the client library provides tools and an abstraction layer, letting you construct queries and use response data without having to create HTTP requests or process HTTP responses by hand. Each client library provides classes that correspond to the elements and data types that the API uses. The libraries also provide extensions for specific Google services that have Data APIs.

Client libraries are not tied to a specific version of the API. Client libraries include access to all the versions of the API and let you specify a version to develop against. The API versions supported by each client library are listed in the table below.

Client Libraries

API Versions Supported
by the Client Library
Reference Docs Resources
Java Download v1.4 Javadoc
Python Download v1.4 PyDoc

Sample code

These sample programs demonstrate how to use the API and the client libraries. Use them to help you get started!


Articles to help you get up and running quickly, debug problems or use your favorite language with Google Data APIs.

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