Report Type: visit

Raw event data about visits. A visit occurs each time a consumer clicks an ad and is redirected to a landing page.

This report can only be returned by an asynchronous request (that is, via the Reports.request() method).

Because events occur on specific dates, a request for this report must specify a timeRange. You can specify either of the following:

Request excerpt

Send a regular Reports.request() request body, but specify "reportType": "visit".

  "reportType": "visit",
  "columns": [
      "columnName": string,
      "headerText": string,
      "startDate": string,
      "endDate": string
  "filters": [
      "column": {
        "columnName": string,

For each column that you want returned or filtered in the report, specify the columnName listed in the table below. You can also optionally specify headerText, startDate, and endDate. Note that some columns cannot be filtered; refer to "Filterable" in the table below.

status The status of the visit. Visits are immutable, so this is always Active. attribute Status Yes
deviceSegment The device segment that the visit is attributed to: Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, or Other. attribute Device segment Yes
agency Agency name. attribute String Yes
agencyId DS agency ID. attribute ID Yes
advertiser Advertiser name. attribute String Yes
advertiserId DS advertiser ID. attribute ID Yes
account Engine account name. attribute String Yes
accountId DS engine account ID. attribute ID Yes
accountEngineId ID of the account in the external engine account. attribute String Yes
accountType Engine account type: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Japan Listing Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing, Yahoo Gemini, Baidu, or Comparison Shopping. attribute Engine type Yes
campaign Campaign name. attribute String Yes
campaignId DS campaign ID. attribute ID Yes
campaignStatus The status of the campaign that contains this item. attribute Status Yes
adGroup Ad group name. attribute String Yes
adGroupId DS ad group ID. attribute ID Yes
adGroupStatus The status of the ad group that contains this item. attribute Status Yes
keywordId DS keyword ID. A value of 0 indicates that the keyword is unattributed. attribute ID Yes
keywordMatchType Keyword match type: Broad, Exact, Phrase, or Content. attribute Match type Yes
keywordText Keyword text. attribute String Yes
productTargetId DS product target ID. attribute ID Yes
productGroupId The product group ID associated with this visit. Only visits from shopping campaigns have product group IDs. Product group IDs should not be used for joining. attribute ID Yes
ad Ad name. attribute String Yes
adId DS ad ID. A value of 0 indicates that the ad is unattributed. attribute ID Yes
isUnattributedAd Indicates whether metrics in this row are unattributable to a specific ad. For example, an ad with an unsupported format or an erroneous clickserver URL can prevent DS from attributing metrics to an ad. attribute Boolean Yes
inventoryAccountId The DS inventory account ID containing the product that was clicked on. DS generates this ID when you link an inventory account in DS. attribute ID Yes
productId The ID of the product clicked on. attribute String Yes
productCountry The country (ISO 3166 format) registered for the inventory feed that contains the product clicked on. attribute String Yes
productLanguage The language (ISO 639-1) that has been set for the Merchant Center feed containing data about the product. attribute String Yes
productStoreId The store in the Local Inventory Ad that was clicked on. This should match the store IDs used in your local products feed. attribute String Yes
productChannel The sales channel of the product that was clicked on: Online or Local. attribute Product channel Yes
visitId DS visit ID. attribute ID Yes
visitSearchQuery The search query that generated this visit. attribute String Yes
visitDate The date, in the engine account time zone, when the visit occurred. This date is used for visits aggregation. For example, when DS aggregates visits for May 1, it counts all visits whose visitDate is May 1. attribute Date Yes
visitTimestamp The UTC timestamp when the visit occurred. attribute Timestamp Yes
visitNetworkType The ad network that generated this visit: Content, Search, or Other. attribute Network type Yes
visitReferrer The referrer URL of the visit. attribute String Yes
visitExternalClickId A unique string for each visit that is passed to the landing page as the gclid URL parameter. Only enabled for advertisers with conversion API integration or Google Analytics integration. attribute String Yes
feedItemId The ID of the feed item row associated with this visit. attribute ID Yes
feedId The ID of the feed table associated with this visit. attribute ID Yes
feedType The type of feed associated with this visit. attribute Feed type Yes