Report Type: negativeCampaignTarget

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Configuration attributes for negative targets at the campaign level, which include location targets (geo-location, proximity, and location extension), dynamic ad targets, remarketing list targets and age/gender targets. Some targets are available only in specific types of engine accounts.

This report can only be returned by an asynchronous request (that is, via the Reports.request() method).

Request excerpt

Send a regular Reports.request() request body, but specify "reportType": "negativeCampaignTarget".

  "reportType": "negativeCampaignTarget",
  "columns": [
      "columnName": string,
      "headerText": string,
      "startDate": string,
      "endDate": string
  "filters": [
      "column": {
        "columnName": string,

For each column that you want returned or filtered in the report, specify the columnName listed in the table below. You can also optionally specify headerText, startDate, and endDate. Note that some columns cannot be filtered; refer to "Filterable" in the table below.

status The status of the campaign target: Active, Paused, or Removed. attribute Status Yes
creationTimestamp Timestamp of the negative campaign target's creation, formatted in ISO 8601. attribute Timestamp Yes
lastModifiedTimestamp Timestamp of the negative campaign target's most recent modification, formatted in ISO 8601. attribute Timestamp Yes
agency Agency name. attribute String Yes
agencyId DS agency ID. attribute ID Yes
advertiser Advertiser name. attribute String Yes
advertiserId DS advertiser ID. attribute ID Yes
account Engine account name. attribute String Yes
accountId DS engine account ID. attribute ID Yes
accountEngineId ID of the account in the external engine account. attribute String Yes
accountType Engine account type: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Japan Listing Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing, Yahoo Gemini, Baidu, or Comparison Shopping. attribute Engine type Yes
campaign Campaign name. attribute String Yes
campaignId DS campaign ID. attribute ID Yes
campaignStatus The status of the campaign that contains this item. attribute Status Yes
engineRemarketingList The name of the remarketing list associated with the target. attribute String Yes
dynamicSearchAdsTargetConditions The criteria the dynamic ad target uses to exclude pages under the site domain. attribute String No
locationTargetName The name of the location target. attribute String Yes
ageTargetAgeRange The age range of age target. attribute Age range Yes
genderTargetGenderType The gender type of gender target: Male, Female, Unknown. attribute Gender type Yes
negativeCampaignTargetId The ID DS generated for a negative campaign target. attribute ID Yes