Conversion feed

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ConversionDataFeed Definition

message ConversionDataFeed {
  // Conversion data for last 30 days.
  repeated ConversionData data = 1;

ConversionData Definition

message ConversionData {
  // The duration for which the conversion data is added below.
  message CollectionDuration {
    // Duration is the specified date i.e 00:00 to 23:59 on the given date.
    // Note: UTC timezone should be used to delineate which transactions fall on
    // which dates. (required)
    // Example: Date { year:2020 month:10 day 8) represents October 8th, 2020.
    google.type.Date date = 1;
  CollectionDuration duration = 1;

  // The source link in Google surface from which the conversions happened.
  // Note: All the data in this ConversionData message is for the conversions
  // which originated from this source.
  ConversionSource conversion_source = 2;

  // Number of transactions from users starting on links shown in Google
  // products. Examples of transactions are appointments, reservations, orders
  // etc performed by the user.
  int32 num_transactions = 4;

  // Number of visits to the partner's landing page from Google products. These
  // visits may or may not have had a transaction.
  int32 num_visits = 5;

  reserved 3;

ConversionSource Definition

message ConversionSource {
  // Link from which the conversion happened. Note: The link here should be the
  // same link which was sent as part of the Merchant / Service feed.
  string url = 1;