Used synonymously with bookings. A user books or makes an appointment for a particular slot.


A booking is the association of a service offered by a merchant for a specific block of time. A Google user may create a booking. A service offering may be a fitness class or a haircut, for example.


The set of merchants, services, and slots that you send to Reserve with Google.


Reserve with Google requests a lease after a user has selected a particular slot. The lease places a hold on the slot so that no other user can book this particular appointment until the lease expires or the booking is completed. Leases are optional in v2 of the API and we recommend using CheckAvailabilty instead.


A reservation is a tentative booking. It applies specifically to dining.


Services are offered by merchants. A particular service slot may be booked by a Google user.


A slot is a specific instance of a service that is available for booking. There can be multiple slots for each day and slots may overlap.

scheduling partners

A scheduling partner sends inventory data to Google. We send you user data when a user makes a booking and you perform the actual booking.